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/fiː.lo'fiː.no/ -noun
Compound word formed from the Italian words filo ("yarn") and fino ("fine"). Literally: fine yarn. The name is a nod to a distinguishing feature of high quality knitwear, whereby the overall quality of a garment is closely tied to the fineness of the natural yarn it is made of - and the gauge it is knit in.
Few items in a man’s wardrobe are more versatile than a properly made, well-fitted fine sweater. Paired with chinos and a shirt it makes the perfect business casual outfit; worn under tailoring it provides an extra layer with a dash of colour; with jeans and sneakers, it lends effortless style to a more relaxed look. Yet, too often the humble sweater receives too little consideration, unfairly dismissed as just a basic by far too many brands. At best an afterthought for luxury and high fashion brands, for fast fashion it is merely another low-quality item made from cheap, often synthetic materials in low-cost countries through which to perpetuate their throwaway culture.

Rejecting the traditional fashion cycles in favour of an approach that transcends seasonal trends and values Quality, Traditional Italian Craftsmanship and Timeless Style, we started Filofino with the goal of pursuing exquisite fine knitwear of the highest quality for the modern gentleman. Using only the finest sustainable natural yarns and working solely with Italian suppliers that adhere to stringent environmental and social standards, our timeless products are born sustainable and are crafted to exacting levels, meaning they will last years, if properly looked after, without going out of style.
Direct-to-consumer only. No middlemen.
We are a pure direct-to-consumer company. We do not wholesale, you can only buy our products from us. By cutting out all middlemen we eliminate all unnecessary markups and are able to offer our products at a significantly lower price, passing the saving on to you.

Garments like ours, made in Italy to the same exacting standards using the same fine yarns and knit in a similar gauge, typically command a price multiplier of 8-10x by traditional luxury brands.
€ 195
€ 400 - 600

Retail Markup & Other Costs

Brand Markup

Luxury Brands
Expertly Crafted in Umbria, the cradle of luxury knitwear

We spent months meeting with the best knitwear manufacturers across Italy, in our search for the perfect partner.

We  found them  in the beautiful region of Umbria, home to some of the finest  knitters in the world and, not by chance, often referred to as the cradle of knitwear in Italy.

Based between Perugia and Assisi, our knitwear producers are recognised experts in their trade and have been creating some of the finest knitwear in the world for 50 years. 

Timeless Essentials
We start from classic, versatile everyday styles, and elevate them to foundational masterpieces with a modern fit - combining best materials with the finest craftsmanship
Made in Italy
It's no coincidence that luxury brands produce their finest knitwear in Italy. We partner with the best Italian craftsmen who have honed their skills over generations and are masters of their trade: in this way, we are able to provide exceptional products of superior quality
Modern Luxury
Each Filofino garment is always luxurious and of superior quality, designed and manufactured to last years. Yet it is attainable, while never cheap. We strive to make the best, and price it fairly.
Alta maglieria
Learn more about our craftsmanship and the details that set a Filofino sweater apart